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1. Permits - What is a building permit?
2. Permits - When do I need a permit?
3. Permits - Do I need a building permit for a new shed?
4. Permits - Do I need a building permit to build a fence?
5. Permits - My furnace just quit. Do I have to get a permit before I replace it?
6. Permits - Why do I need a building permit?
7. Permits - How much do permits cost?
8. Permits - How long does it take to review building plans for a house?
9. Permits - When does a building permit expire?
10. Permits - Can I get a time extension on my building permit?
11. Permit - Once I get a building permit, what do I do with it?
12. Permits - What is a site/plot plan?
13. Inspections - How can I get an inspection?
14. Inspections - When will I get an inspection?
15. Inspections - What time of day will the inspector arrive?
16. Inspections - What is needed for a final inspection?
17. Inspections - What is a Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.) and how do I obtain one?