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1. Can I pay for bonds, fines and/or parking citations online?
2. Where do I get Birth and Death Certificates?
3. Where do I get my Driver’s License, a copy of my Driver’s License records or get my Driver’s License reinstated?
4. Where do I pay or contest Sheriff Department and Highway Patrol Tickets?
5. Where and when can I visit an inmate in the Laramie County Jail?
6. Where are juvenile inmates held?
7. Where are adult inmates from Municipal Court held that are transferred to another jail?
8. Is there a Driver’s School I may attend to get a ticket reduced?
9. Can I get an extension on the court date on the ticket?
10. Where is Municipal Court Located?
11. Where do I pay for parking tickets?
12. Where do I get License Plates?
13. Where do I get a title for my auto, boat or trailers?
14. How do I get a copy of the Police Report or Accident Report that was written by a Police Officer?
15. Where do I get married in the Court House?
16. Where do I get divorced?
17. Who do I call for child support questions?
18. How do I get a Public Defender?
19. How do I request a record check on someone?
20. How do I appeal a Case?