Putting water and sewer rates to work

Putting water and sewer rates to work. 
Water and sewer rates pay for the construction, maintenance and operation of the water and sewer systems. These systems...
  • Cross three mountain ranges,
  • Includes seven reservoirs and four well fields,
  • Uses 205 miles of mains to collect and transport water to Cheyenne,
  • Uses 645 miles of mains to deliver water to homes and businesses in Cheyenne,
  • Prepares water for drinking with a modern water treatment plant,
  • Uses 327 miles of sewer mains that carry water to...
  • Two water reclamation (wastewater treatment) plants.

In the the 2016 Fiscal Year (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016), the Board estimates that operations and maintenance for both the water and sewer systems will cost $18.16 million. Construction projects will cost $10.19 million, capital assets/equipment will cost $1.28 million and debt service will cost $8.93 million.

Scheduled rehabilitations and improvements include...

  • Replace 3.7 miles of water mains during City street and Board water main rehabilitation projects - $4.2 million
  • Replace 2.2 miles of sewer mains during City street and Board sewer main rehabilitation projects - $1.87 million
  • Buffalo Ridge tank re-coating project - $1.3 million
  • Well pipeline rehabilitation project - $0.8 million
  • Install a powdered activated carbon treatment system at the water treatment plant to remove unwanted tastes and odors from water - $1.43 million
  • Sewer cleaning truck with hydro-excavation equipment for jetting of an additional 55 miles each year for an annual goal of 220 miles - $0.4 million 
The following are projects carried over from fiscal year 2015
  • Install 4.0 miles of 18 to 24-inch sewer mains for the Southern Sewer Interceptor Main Phase I - $11.9 million
  • Install 7.0 miles of 16 to 36-inch water mains with the Southern Water Transmission Main Phase III - $16 million