Cheyenne Urban Forestry

Services Provided
Urban Forestry provides the following services:
  • Complete care for all trees located on city maintained land.
  • Code enforcement on all trees and shrubs affecting the safe use of the public right-of-way within the city of Cheyenne.
  • Code enforcement on trees infested with mortality causing insects or trees infected with mortality causing diseases on public and private land.
  • Trimming trees, shrubs, hedges, and vines to provide clear visibility of traffic-control devices or other traffic-control/regulatory signs.
  • Right-of-way landscape site plan review for new or change of use commercial development and multi-family development as required under the zoning chapters of the Cheyenne City Code.
  • Educational resources for citizens of all ages pertaining to tree health and safety.

If you have questions regarding your trees or shrubs, call us or submit two digital photos with your email inquiry. (One photo should be a close up of the problem area. The second photo should be of the entire tree or shrub if possible.)

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Map of Forestry Office Location