Sister Cities

The following cities have been recognized as a "Sister City" to Cheyenne. The phrase "sister cities" is used to refer to cities that have similar cultures and/or historical backgrounds. Select the Resolution to view the similarities with our sister cities.

Sister City to Cheyenne
Date Established
as Sister City to Cheyenne

Resolution Adopted
Establishing Sister City Relationship

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FlagRepublicChina.png Republic of China: Taichung, Taiwan Sept. 28, 1981
Resolution #2598
City of Taichung, Taiwan
US Flag Bismarck, North Dakota Oct. 11, 1988
Resolution #3065
Bismarck, North Dakota
US Flag Lompoc, California Aug. 28, 1989
Resolution #3123
Lompoc, California
Flag of France Lourdes, France Oct. 22, 1990
Resolution #3187
Lourdes, France
Flag of Italy Voghera, Italy June 10, 2002
Resolution #4330
Voghera, Italy
Tunisia Flag Hammam Sousse, Tunisia April 24, 2006
Resolution #4825
Hammam Sousse, Tunisia
US Flag Waimea, (aka Kamuela) Hawaii March 26, 2007
Resolution #4926
Waimea, Hawaii
Flag of Ghana
Accra, Ghana June 27, 2016 Resolution #5784 Accra, Ghana