Water Conservation

Water Conservation Measures

  1. Wasting water is prohibited. Wasting water by allowing water to run down streets is prohibited. Learn how to keep water from your irrigation system out of the gutter.
  2. Watering lawns and trees?
    1. Water no more than 3 days per week. Avoid watering when windy or during rain.
    2. From May 1 to September 1, no watering between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. for all users.
  3. Watering gardens and flowers. From May 1 to September 1, watering between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. is prohibited.
  4. Washing vehicles. Wash cars and other vehicles using a hose equipped with a shut-off spray nozzle and/or bucket.
  5. Washing parking lots, sidewalks or driveways. Cleaning hard surfaces such as parking lots, sidewalks or driveways using a hose is prohibited except for construction, safety and health reasons.
  6. Watering new sod or grass seed.
    1. An application form must be submitted and approved by the Board prior to installing new sod/seed or over seeding. Click here for the application form.
    2. Soil must be amended prior to installing sod or seed with a minimum of 3.5 cubic yards of organic material per 1,000 square feet; tilled or disced to a depth of 6-inches. Find out more about soil amendments.
    3. From May 1 to September 1, no watering between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  7. Commercial and industrial customers must implement best management practices to save water. These include
    1. Restaurants: Serve water only upon customer request.
    2. Hotels and motels
      1. Offer guests staying more than one night the option of not changing linen and towels.
      2. Routinely inspect rooms for leaky faucets, showers and recreation equipment.
    3. Construction sites
      1. Drinking water used for construction must be used in the city.
      2. Hoses must be equipped with shut off nozzles.
      3. Water used at construction sites must be metered.
    4. Car washes
      1. Check equipment and facilities routinely for leaks, plugged nozzles, poor pressures or faulty equipment.
      2. All hoses must be equipped with automatic shut-off nozzles.

For more information, please view the Plan for Wise Water Use.

Other ways to reduce water use and save on your water bill

  1. Repair leaks. Did you know that one out of every ten gallons of water that is delivered to homes or businesses is lost to leaks?
  2. Replace toilets, faucets, shower heads, washing machines and dish washing machines with water efficient models. How do you know if it is a water efficient model? Look for the WaterSense label.
  3. Use less water by taking shorter showers, running full loads in the dishwasher or clothes washer, and by not letting water run from faucets or hoses when not in use.

Did You Know?

To help save water, Cheyenne implemented water conservation measures in 2003.

Today, these efforts include:
  • increasing tiered rate structure
  • recycled water system
  • leak detection and monitoring of our water system
  • fines for wasting water
  • soil amendment requirements for new sod or grass seed.
  • water budgets for large irrigators
  • landscaping ordinance that promotes water efficiency
  • public information efforts to promote water conserving principles.