The Purchasing Division implements and administers the purchasing policies and practices of the City.

We release formal bids for a variety of goods and services, and obtain quotes for items not needing to go through the formal bidding process - Bid Postings.

We ensure that all purchases of goods and services are made in accordance with State, and Federal Laws, and city ordinances.

Bidders List Information
Want to be placed on the bidders list?  Fill out the list that is suitable for you and send back to the Purchasing Manager. ( Services and/or Equipment/Supplies )

Vendors, consultants, contractors and others desiring to be notified when the Purchasing Division solicits quotes, bids, or proposals should fill out one of the forms above and send back to Purchasing by either fax, email, or mail.

Bidders can also be notified of upcoming projects or equipment that is out for bid by signing up under the "Notify Me" and following the instructions.  Bidders can choose to be notified by either email, text message or both.  Mark all the bid postings that you would like to be notified for.

Statements of Qualifications
Architects, engineers and land surveyors must complete Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) forms available from the office of the City Engineer or online.

The SOQ's must be updated annually, and are kept on file in the office of the City Engineer in accordance with the City's policy governing "procurement of professional services of architects, engineers and surveyors.

A copy of the policy may be obtained from:
  • The Purchasing Division
  • The City Engineer at (307) 638-4314 or by Email